Dolores Harris, Chief Financial Officer / Founder

Since 1960’s to present, she has extensive experience working with all types of large farm animals, specializing in horses, goats and poultry. Her experience ranges from hands-on work, managing day-to-day activities to recruiting volunteers and setting up the nonprofit for a vast array of surrendered, abused and aged large animals. Since the 1980’s her experience with rescuing large farm animals continues to grow. Today, due to the overwhelming need for housing and care of these large animals, her efforts continue even more, with the end goal, to ensure each animal has a safe and loving home.

Bob Harris, Executive Director / President

Since 1968 to present, he has experience working with large farm animals both through hands-on working, managing day-to-day activities while being raised and living on an actual dairy farm operation. Since the 1980’s his experience with rescuing large farm animals continues to grow. Today, due to the overwhelming need for housing and care of these large animals my efforts continue even more.

Anthony Harris, Chief Executive Officer / Chairman of the Board

Busy, hard-working Anthony is the son of Bob and Doris. He is gone over the road working much of the time, however, when he is home you will find him completing handy man jobs and construction projects around the farm. Anthony is quick-witted and always has something valuable to offer in any situation around the farm. He is a natural leader keeping different aspects of fundraising, such as Trash to Treasure, on track and continuous. Instilled with great work ethic, organization and punctuality Anthony is a vital part of our organization.

Eleonor Moore, Grant Writing Coordinator

Description coming soon.

Tonya Evitts, Volunteer Coordinator, Liaison officer

Busy mom and wife, general manager at Rally’s in West Branch and volunteer at D&R Acres. In her spare time she enjoys helping out at the barn and spending time with the animals. She enjoys watching the kids learn new things and experience things that some kids only dream of. She enjoys helping Doris and Bob make these dreams a reality for many kids and adults that visit the farm. Tonya helps to plan events and manage day to day tasks, offering tours to new volunteers, helping with tasks outside the barn, and having fun while doing it all.

Deb Dantzer, Events Director/Coordinator/Board Secretary

Mom and G’MA, to an amazing family. Deb has a very giving heart and enjoys working with the animals and riding horses in her spare time. She enjoys volunteering and helping to know she is making a difference in the lives of these animals. Deb coordinates events, helps with decorations and is a gracious host. She is always waiting with a smile and a hug, lending a hand or an ear whenever needed.

DaNell Lena Yacom, Fundraising Coordinator

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John Rice, Benefactor/Volunteer

John is a very generous individual who has helped this farm in more ways than we are able to thank him for. He has been an amazing benefactor, an inspirational person and truly has the kindest heart. John helped to provide for our animals and our volunteers on countless occasions. His donations of food and snacks to help feed the volunteers has always been appreciated. Most importantly his donations of items that we are able to use directly in connection with care for the animals is appreciated by all. John always has a smile on his face with a friendly greeting, and is an inspiration to all of us here at the farm.

Kailee Green, Junior Board Member

Happy and fun loving, Kaileeā€™s dream of owning a horse has come true thanks to Bob and Doris. They have spent countless hours mentoring her and continue to teach her daily. Leading a very active life with sports and making the decision to take on a new adventure with a horse named Fancy, has changed her life forever. Most little girls dream of owning a pony and this year that dream came true for Kailee. She accomplished so many things this year including getting on a horse for the first time and is eager to keep learning new things. Kailee enjoys all the animals, volunteering to help care for them all, working with kids and teaching others the things she has learned.